POST-PRODUCTION / Storage for Collaborative Video Production and Editing

Post-Production is hard work. Whether it’s video or film, editing, audio, effects or motion graphics, the need for high throughput and reliable content storage is an absolute must. Active Storage was created to provide easy to use, media-friendly data storage you can rely on.

Post-Production efficiency is most often derived from making the process more collaborative. From capture to final output, adding more hands to a project ensures you’ve got the experts you need handling each step, but often adds layers of workflow complexity. Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID set the standard for collaborative workflows. Active Storage is bringing Xsan to the next level.

Today, most workflows are completely digital which puts even more pressure on your storage solution; content must be handled correctly. As the saying goes “content is king.” The files must be easy to find, access and use. And nowhere across the workflow can a slow down or dropped frames be tolerated.

Active Storage understands this, so our systems are designed to perform in degraded and rebuild drive states to keep your operation running. Fast failover of our redundant Active/Active RAID controllers, and full support for Xsan multi-path load balancing ensure consistent operation.

Active Storage has taken into consideration the needs of the Post-Production environment in the design of our systems. We are not a general-purpose storage company. Quite frankly, Active Storage isn’t about simple enterprise email storage; we do high availability, high-demand video and collaboration workflows. Our focus is on developing low latency, high throughput solutions that are optimized for the data patterns and use cases of today’s media professionals.

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